Annual Report 1ST July 2014 – 30th June 2015

The Public Service Commission is a Constitutional Body established under the provisions of Article 165(1) of the 1995 Constitution. Under Article 166(4) of the same Constitution, Parliament is required by law to empower the PSC to make regulations for the effective and efficient performance of its functions. In addition to the above provisions, Article 251(1) empowers the Commission to regulate its own procedure or confer powers or impose duties on any officer or authority of the Government for the purpose of discharging its functions.

In light of the above, Public Service Commission Act was enacted by Parliament in 2009. The Act, as well as the PSC Regulations guide and regulate the Commission while executing its functions. This is in addition to other relevant rules and regulations such as the Uganda Government Standing Orders, Establishment Notices and Circulars issued from time to time. All these are intended to guide the management of the Public Service in general.