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Functions of the PSC

Functions of the Public Service Commission

Article 165 establishes the Public Service Commission, its Membership, their appointment, qualification, disqualification and tenure of office. Article 166 (2) provides for the functions of the Public Service Commission which are to:-

  1. Advise the President in the performance of his/her functions under Article 172 of the Constitution.
  2. Appoint, confirm in appointments, promote and exercise disciplinary control over persons holding office of the Public Service under Article 172 of the Constitution.(
  3. Appoint, Permanent Secretaries under Article 174 (2).
  4. Appoint Clerk to Parliament under Article 87
  5. Appoint Secretary to Cabinet under Article 111(3)
  6. Appoint Director of Public Prosecutions under Article 120(1)
  7. Appoint Secretary and other staff of the Uganda Human Rights Commission under Article 57 of the Constitution.
  8. Appoint Secretary and other staff of the Electoral Commission under Article 65 of the Constitution.
  9. Review Terms and Conditions of Service, Standing Orders, qualifications of Public Officers, matters connected with Personnel Management and development of the Public Service and make recommendations on them to government.
  10. Guiding and coordinating the work of the District Service Commission under Article 166 (1) of the Constitution.
  11. Hear and determine grievances from persons appointed by the District Service Commissions.
  12. Approve and appoint the Chairpersons and Members of District Service Commissions under Article 198 (2) of the Constitution.
  13. Appoint, confirm and exercise disciplinary control over Chief Administrative Officers and Deputy Chief Administrative Officers and Town Clerks of a City and Municipalities under Article 188 and 200 of the Constitution.  (Amendment Act 2005)