Notice to the General Public

The Public Service Commission is the only institution that reserves the right to Publish this information or any other related information regarding  the shortlisted applicants

The Secretary Public Service Commission would like to invite shortlisted applicants for the following Tests.

Click here to view the Schedule

Candidates are requested to come with the following:-

  1. Valid ID
  2. Blue pen
  3. Any other relevant document.


Principal Literacy Officer Uploaded 12/08/14

Principal Regional Integration Officer Uploaded 11/08/14


Division Veterinary Officer Uploaded 12/08/14

Division Environment Management Officer Uploaded 12/08/14

Assistant Geological Officer Uploaded 8/8/14

Geophysical Technician Uploaded 8/8/14

The Secretary Public Service Commission would like to invite shortlisted applicants for various Oral Interviews.


For any further inquiries regarding the shortlist or related information please contact the under signed on Tel: +256-414-34-2279 or email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 All Candidates invited for oral interviews are required to come a long with the following:

      • Originals of relevant documents of employment record such as appointment letter(s).
      • Originals of all relevant Academic /Professional Documents
      • Valid Identity Card
      • Invitation Letter for Oral Interview obtainable from Public Service Commission Offices, Farmers House, Parliament Avenue, 2nd Floor.
      • The Oral Interviews for all Posts shall be conducted from the Public Service Commission Offices as per the details on each interview schedule. 

Click on post link below to view or download Shortlist so far released for oral:

Personal Secretary Uploaded 30/07/2014

Division Preventive Services and Education Officer Uploaded 30/07/2014

Division Solid Waste Management OfficerUploaded 29/07/2014 

Office Typist Uploaded 29/07/2014 - Date for Oral Interview will be Communicated later

Personal Secretary- Ministry of Public Service

Pool Stenographer Secretary - Ministry of Public Service

Personal Secretary (Special Grade)- MOPS

Stenographer Secretary - Ministry of Public Service

Senior Principal Personal Secretary - Ministry of Public Service

Senior Personal Secretary Uploaded 14/07/2014

Legal Clerk- JSC

Commissioner of Broadcasting infrastructure- Min of ICT (uploaded 04/07/2014)

Commissioner Monitoring and evaluation- Office of the President (Uploaded 04/07/2014)

Senior Internal Auditor- MoFPED (uploaded 04/07/20140)

Principal Civil Engineer (Min of Education and sports) - upload 02 July 2014

Principal Legal Officer - Planning Reserach and Inspectorate - (Upload 24/06/2014)

Principal Legal Officer - Education and Public Affairs - (Uploaded 24/06/2014)

Senior Veterinary Officer (Updated 04/07/2014)

Senior Agricultural Inspector - Agrochemical (Updated 04/07/2014)

Senior Fisheries Inspector (Updated 04/07/2014)

Senior Fisheries Officer (Uploaded 20/06/2014)

Senior Animal Nutritionist (Updated 04/07/2014)

Laboratory Technician (Updated 04/07/2014)

Senior veterinary Inspector (Updated 13/06/2014)

Principal Personal Secretary - Uploaded 05/06/2014

Principal Occupational Hygienist - Uploaded 05/06/2014

The dates for the oral interviews will be communicated later.

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