Frequently Ased Questions


How do people get Jobs with Public Service Commission?

  1. i) Responsible Ministry declares the post vacant      (Sometimes on request by PSC e.g. Graduate recruitment).
  2. ii) Ministry of Public Service grants clearance to fill the post.
  3. iii) Submissions made to Public Service Commission.
  4. iv) Public Service Commission advertises either internally or externally as the case may be.
  5. v) Application letters received and processed by PSC.
  6. vi) Qualified candidates are shortlisted.
  7. vii) Shortlisted candidates are invited for Interviews.
  8. viii) Interviews are conducted.
  9. ix) The best candidate(s) is appointed by PSC.
  10. x) Decisions of PSC are forwarded to parent Ministries for implementation.
  11. xi) In the case of external adverts, successful candidates are informed in writing to report to    parent Ministries for further instructions.

What criteria is followed on selecting the most suitable candidate?

  •     Qualifications
  •     Principles of Merit, Fairness and Transparency

3) How can one apply to the Public Service Commission for a Job?

4) What is the difference between Public Service Commission and Ministry of Public Service?

5) Why is it that the Permanent Secretary of Public Service Commission and other      Constitutional Commissions called Secretary?

6) Who is the Chairman of Public Service Commission?

7) Where is Public Service Commission located?