Guidance and Monitoring

 The Department is responsible for developing guidelines, appropriate procedures, regulations and systems to be applied in handling Human Resource Management (HRM) activities.  It is also responsible for monitoring compliance and adherence to Public Service Commission established procedures and regulations by both Central and Local governments (especially District Service Commissions).

The main activities undertaken by the Guidance and Monitoring Department are:- 

  1. Guide the District Service commissions (DSCs) on their constitutional roles and practical relationship with District leaders in the execution of their work.            
  2. Sensitize DSCs on principles of human resource management and in particular guide   them on proper selection and recruitment procedures.          
  3. Handle appeals and grievances arising from decisions taken by DSCs.         
  4. Establish procedures for monitoring and evaluation of the performance of DSCs          
  5. Periodically Monitor compliances to guidelines and ensuring uniform application of  procedures by all.         
  6. Provide administrative support to boards in discharge of there functions and activities
  7. Process, coordinate submissions for appointment, confirmation, promotion and disciplining of public officers.

Outputs of the Guidance and Monitoring Department

  1. Appropriate guidelines, including personnel procedures, systems and performance  standards for both Central Ministries and Districts put in place, disseminated and adhered to.
  2. District Service Commissions property guided and coordinated, and uniformity in application guidelines and personnel procedures enforced.
  3. Standards and procedures relating to HRM processes put in place and enforced.
  4. Submissions to PSC processed and PSC decisions disseminated.